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  May 22nd 2009

If you capture a whale, make sure you offer it to the Queen, who also owns the swans

Following on from our recent report on the vagaries of the Vagrancy Act, it's time for a look at some of the curious laws govern...

  May 18th 2009

Homeless people are more likely to be victims of crime and anti-social behaviour. But, unfortunately, they are often categorised as the perpetrators of anti-social crimes.

Homelessness, however it arises, automatically categorises you as vulnerable in the eyes of the law. Homeless people are more li...

  June 4th 2005

Idle and disorderly persons can be branded criminals under 200-year-old legislation

In England, in the 18th and 19th centuries, the Houses of Parliament passed four acts to "cope" specifically with the issue of "...


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