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  May 21st 2009

Wow can you tell whether you can legally use a path?

Ever thought of what the consequences would be if someone told you that you were not entitled to walk down certain streets in Lo...

  May 18th 2009

Many may agree with the use of ASBOs to stamp out violent and noisy behaviour, but the perils of an ASBO once enforced are manifestly unfair.

Because breaching an ASBO is punishable by up to five years in prison, a lengthy custodial sentence could be awarded for activit...

  May 18th 2009

Senior judges comment on the number of refugees and asylum seekers adding to the homeless population

The rise of refugees and asylum seekers amongst the homeless has been commented on frequently by rough sleepers and service prov...

  June 4th 2005

The number of times this outmoded legislation has been used has trebled in recent times

If you believe we live in a society that has moved away from a Napoleonic mode of thinking, then think again. The Vagrancy Act i...


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