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  May 22nd 2009

Don‘t just sit there reading happily - look busy!

Recent research suggests that people engaged in activities they find meaningful are less likely to abuse drugs or alcohol or suf...

  May 22nd 2009

Hostels don‘t have diary rooms, but you do get asked personal questions in a soft voice that is supposed to sound caring

If you've been anywhere near a TV, radio, newspaper or even a human being recently you're probably aware of the cultural phenome...

  May 21st 2009

A brief introduction to the sector‘s catechism of cliches

Care plan If you live in a hostel you will have a care plan. You may not know you've got one, or have ever seen it, but you've g...

  May 21st 2009

Let us help you understand what hostel staff really mean

A new guide to the language of the 'homeless industry'... Appropriate Commonly used in hostels or care homes by hostel worker...

  May 21st 2009

You need a personal assistant to cope with paperwork these days

Fill out a form, then another one, then another... Most people working and living in hostels have noticed they are becoming i...

  May 20th 2009

Where do they come from and what are they for?

"Sorry mate, I'm agency." If you're living in a hostel, you are probably used to hearing this or something similar regularly....

  May 20th 2009

The Pavement clarifies some of the hostel-speak you will encounter

Self-medication If you are taking medication and living in a hostel, you may need to be 'self-medicating', ie taking the drugs a...

  May 20th 2009

A jaundiced look at smoking-relation terminology

Smoking The recreational smoking of tobacco is rapidly joining many other activities that are popular with our readership (sleep...

  May 18th 2009

We welcome a new columnist, ‘Insider‘, who will give the view from inside hostels

It's cold outside, there's nothing on the telly, so it must mean that Christmas isn't too far away. Never an easy time. If you'r...

  May 18th 2009

What kind of Mum is your hostel?

There is a trend among homelessness organisations of referring to their residents and service users as customers. We need some k...


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