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  May 18th 2009

Homeless Link‘s director of policy, practice and campaigns is also chair of Groundswell‘s board of trustees.

Many readers will know Groundswell as the organisers of Speak Outs, and some will know Homeless Link as an umbrella organisation...

  May 18th 2009

Loitering and begging protected under America‘s First Amendment

Across the pond, an American judge has set a new precedent in a case where a homeless man was arrested after asking a police off...

  May 18th 2009

The ban on smoking in public places is coming soon, but what will it mean to our readers?

On July 1st, England will bring in legislation to prevent smoking in enclosed public spaces. As the date looms closer and closer...

  May 18th 2009

Florida police arrest a volunteer for giving out meals to the homeless, sparking a dispute between activists and officials

Police in the US state of Florida have arrested a volunteer for giving out meals to the homeless, sparking a dispute between act...

  May 18th 2009

Knock ‘em dead at your next interview with a proper City suit

The charity Crisis has made a large number of free suits available to the homeless, in an attempt to persuade more people to pur...

  May 18th 2009

Seventeen thousand people are training for this summer‘s Homeless World Cup

While those idlers who play in the World Cup only turn up every four years, the tournament for those on the streets is an annual...

  May 18th 2009

The Passage denies an Eastern European invasion took place

Rumours that suggested that a large number of eastern Europeans had tried to force their way into The Passage day centre last mo...


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