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Your rights

The Rights Guide for Rough Sleepers outlines your rights around arrest, stop and search, answering police questions, move-ons, no-drinking zones, sleeping rough, taking a pee in public and highway obstruction. It was put together by The Pavement, Housing Justice, Liberty and Zacchaeus 2000.

If your benefits have been sanctioned (cut off or reduced) and you feel this is unfair, you can appeal. Print this letter and hand it in at the office where you sign on. If you feel you need more advice about sanctions, contact  Zacchaeus 2000 or your nearest  Citizen’s Advice Bureau. And let us know london@thepavement.org.uk at The Pavement!



If you are a journalist with some free time to research and write stories for the magazine, please contact us. If you're interested in finding other volunteering opportunities, contact homeless services directly
(services is a good first step) or visit do-it.org or volunteering.org.uk for further ideas.


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Greenwich Winter Night Shelter

07985 496905

3 January to 2 April
: 7pm–8:30am

Referral by agreed partner agencies must be confirmed by GWNS project worker. 18+, mixed, 15 places.

Food (free)

999 Club (Deptford Centre)

21 Deptford Broadway, London SE8 4PA

020 8695 5797

Winter shelter:
3 January to 14 March
Monday–Sunday: 8pm–8am
Wednesday: 9am–12am (drug & alcohol worker)
Monday: 9am–12am (mental health professionals)
Monday–Friday: 9am–12am (9–10.30am for rough sleepers only)
Tuesday: 9am–12am (Samaritans)
Thursday: 9am–12am (NHS nurse)

Map   Website: bit.ly/2gObZ4B

Warm and welcoming environment to anyone who is homeless. Learn new skills, find work and housing and reconnect to family and friends. Open-access sessions where people can access specialist advice on housing and benefits. Learning and activities programme and specialist healthcare services. Winter shelter referrals via agencies of the 999 Club Gateway Centre. 21+, dry, 30 spaces.

Accommodation/housing advice, Advocacy, Alcohol workers, Art classes, Barber, Bathroom/showers, Benefits advice, Careers advice, Drugs workers, Education/training, Ex-offenders, Foot care, Internet access, Laundry, Legal advice, Medical/health, Mental health, Tenancy support

Ashford Place Assessment Centre

60 Ashford Road, Cricklewood, London NW2 6TU

020 8208 8590

Friday: 10:30am–5pm
Monday–Thursday: 9:30am–5pm

Map   Website: bit.ly/2s9GQLU

Rough sleeping outreach, floating support, health and wellbeing, alcohol and drugs treatment and much more. You are welcome to visit to make an appointment. Winter shelter: for CHAIN verified clients, phone 020 8208 8595. For rough sleepers in Brent, refer to StreetLink (www.streetlink.org.uk)

Accommodation/housing advice, Alcohol workers, Art classes, Bathroom/showers, Benefits advice, Careers advice, Clothing store, Counselling, Debt advice, Drugs workers, Education/training, Food, Internet access, Laundry, Leisure activities, Medical/health, Mental health, Music/drama, Outreach workers, Tenancy support

ASLAN (All Souls Local Action Network)

c/o All Souls Clubhouse, 141 Cleveland Street, London W1T 6QG

Saturday: 5:30am–7:45am (tea run: 5.30-6.15 Tavistock St; 6.15-6.45 Savoy Pl; 6.45-7.30 King William IV St; All Souls Ch 7.40-7.45)
Saturday: 9am–12am (day centre at Webber St. Breakfast, bible group, ESOL, photography & art. Showers & clothes for ticket holders. Tickets from Webber St on Mondays)
Saturday: 6:30pm–8:30pm (Entertainment - invites via tea run or welcome desk at All Souls.

Map   Website: bit.ly/K90HTT

Christian organisation that participates in the Westminster Churches Winter Shelter (referral only). Films, coach trips, clothes store and bible group every Saturday night at 6.30pm. Invitations via the tea run or welcome desk at All Souls Langham Place. If you need step-free access, a volunteer will let you in via Cleveland St entrance.

Art classes, Clothing store, Drugs workers, Education/training, Food, Food (free), Leisure activities

Bromley Winter Night Shelter

c/o Bromley Council Homelessness Service, Civic Centre, Stockwell Close, Bromley, London BR1 3UH

020 8464 4848/07806 602 347

1 December to 15 March
Monday–Sunday: 7:30pm–10am (closed during Crisis, 23-30 Dec)

Map   Website: bit.ly/1DpdYRh

Held in local churches; no self-referral, 18+, mixed, beds for 12, dry, no-smoking inside, priority to local connection. Contact Bromley Housing Options or any agency. Contact Bromley Council Homelessness Team or agency for local connection, and shelter for other spaces.

Accommodation/housing advice, Food

C4WS Homeless Project Night Shelter

Various churches in Camden, London

020 7278 6267

3 November to 31 March
Monday–Sunday: 7:30pm–8:45am

Website: https://binged.it/2fHMekV

Rolling winter night shelter in Camden. Bed spaces for 16 guests, with separate sleeping areas for men and women. Accept referrals from Camden-based agencies with whom C4WS have a signed Service Level Agreement only.

Accommodation/housing advice, Benefits advice, Careers advice, Education/training, Food (free), Leisure activities, Outreach worker links

CARIS Islington Churches Cold Weather Shelter


07913 020738

Winter shelter:
1 January to 31 March
Monday–Sunday: 7:30pm–8:30am

Map   Website: bit.ly/1L1wPnp

Free night shelter, food, showers and a safe place to sleep. Phone after completing and emailing a 1-page registration form to iccws@hotmail.co.uk. 15 guests; 18+, dry.

Advocacy, Bathroom/showers, Bedding, Clothing store, Food, Food (free), Internet access, Laundry, Outreach worker links

Crisis Christmas

66 Commercial Street, London E1 6LT

0844 251 0111

Winter shelter:
22 December to 30 December
Thursday–Friday: Open 24 hours

Website: bit.ly/SZPRH

Referral via 221 Gray's Inn Rd, WC1X 8RA; City of London Academy, Lynton Rd, SE1 5LA; City Academy, Homerton Row, E9 6EA; Kensington Aldridge Academy, 1 Silchester Rd, W10 6EX; or Lesoco, 2 Deptford Ch St, SE8 4RZ. Access to residential centres via 5 day centres. Transport to day centres from King’s Cross, Mornington Cres, Finsbury Pk stn; Temple, Waterloo (St John's), London Br (Southwark St), Bermondsey stn; Broadway Day Centre, Victoria, and Chelsea Methodist Ch and Deptford Reach Day Centre.

Accommodation/housing advice, Advocacy, Bathroom/showers, Bedding, Clothing store, Dentist, Education/training, Food (free), Internet access, Leisure activities, Outreach worker links

Croydon Churches Floating Shelter

Various churches, London

07860 270 278

Winter shelter:
1 November to 31 March
Monday–Sunday: 7:30pm–8am

Website: bit.ly/2fDQCxW

Local referrals via Croydon Reach (020 7870 8855), Croydon SNAP Team (020 8760 5498). Phone 8am-4pm to check vacancies.

Accommodation/housing advice, Food

Ealing Churches Winter Night Shelter


07930 378263

25 November to 1 April
Monday–Sunday: 7:30pm–8:30am

Website: bit.ly/1L1pyBO

Referral via St Mungo Broadway’s outreach team (020 8840 9653), Acton Homeless Concern (020 8992 5768) or Ealing Soup Kitchen (020 8566 3507 x208).

Accommodation/housing advice, Advocacy, Benefits advice, Outreach worker links

Enfield Winter Shelter (All People All Places)


4 January to 4 April
Monday–Sunday: 7pm–8am

Website: bit.ly/2fHIcZu

18+, mixed, 12 beds, dry, no smoking. Must want to break the cycle. Referral only. Enquiries to info@allpeopleallplaces.org. If you are a Haringey- or Enfield-based organisation and are a referral point, email your completed referrals to the referrals email.

Food (free)

Finchley Churches Winter Shelter


020 8446 8400

Winter shelter:
1 December to 31 March
Monday–Sunday: 8pm–8am

Referrals from Homeless Action Barnet, 15 beds, 18+, mixed, dry.

Accommodation/housing advice, Food (free)

Firm Foundation Winter Night Shelter (Harrow – All People All Places)


07979 836403

Winter shelter:
7 December to 14 March
Monday–Sunday: 7pm–8am
Tuesday–Sunday: 9am–5pm (office hours)

Website: bit.ly/2frDocs

Accept referrals from any agency – email referrals@allpeopleallplaces.org. Age 18+; men only; beds for 12; dry; no smoking.

Food, Food (free)

Forest Churches Emergency Night Shelter


07739 870411

1 November to 31 March
Monday–Sunday: 8pm–7:30am

Website: bit.ly/1M1LkLs

18+; mixed; dry; 30 spaces. Separate area for women. 18+ with a Waltham Forest connection. Referral via Fountain of Peace Day Centre and Housing Solutions. Also accept self referrals - phone before 2pm.

Accommodation/housing advice, Bathroom/showers, Food (free)

Glass Door

155a Kings Road, London SW3 5TX

020 7351 4948

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday: 9am–2pm (laundry, showers & lunch)
Winter shelter
2 November to 3 April
Monday–Sunday: 8pm–8am (please come to the day centre or phone to see if there are vacancies)

Map   Website: bit.ly/1Gs26vG

Shelter and support for people who are homeless. Winter night shelters and a year-round daytime drop-in centre. Lunch is served upstairs but staff or volunteers bring meals downstairs to those with limited mobility. The night shelters are in different churches, not all of which are step-free.

Accommodation/housing advice, Bathroom/showers, Benefits advice, Careers advice, Clothing store, Education/training, Food (free), Laundry

Glass Door Night Shelters


020 7351 4948

7 November to 1 April
Monday–Sunday: 8pm–7am

Map   Website: bit.ly/2gyrlpH

18+, mixed, dry, beds for 85 across 3 shelters, self-referral - phone first. Waiting list registration can be over the phone or online (www.glassdoor.org.uk/).

Accommodation/housing advice, Food, Food (free)

GrowTH (Tower Hamlets)


2 November to 2 June
Monday–Sunday: 7pm–7am

Website: bit.ly/1OeU8wn

Referrals are only from Whitechapel Mission, Health E1, Crisis, U-Turn Women's Project, Praxis, Spitalfields Crypt Trust, TH Floating Support and City Gateway. 18+; dry; mixed; 15 spaces

Accommodation/housing advice, Advocacy, Food, Food (free)

Hackney Winter Night Shelter


07736160282/ 07512137404

Winter shelter:
2 November to 31 March
Monday–Sunday: 7:30pm–8am (6.30pm Sundays)

Website: bit.ly/cyR5q

Age 18+; mixed; beds for 25 (screened area for women); dry. Last admission 8.30pm. Self or agency referrals - phone to check details and leave message if voicemail.

Accommodation/housing advice, Advocacy, Counselling, Food (free), Outreach worker links, Outreach workers

Haringey Churches Winter Shelter (All People All Places)


07538 331521

7 December to 14 March
Monday–Sunday: 7pm–8am

Website: bit.ly/NyCaZ0

18+, mixed, 12 beds, dry, no smoking. Must want to break the cycle. Referral only. Enquiries to info@allpeopleallplaces.org. If you are a Haringey- or Enfield-based organisation and a referral point, email your completed referrals to the referrals email.

Accommodation/housing advice, Food (free)

Hillingdon Winter Night Shelters


01895 556700

21 January to 3 March
Monday–Sunday: 6pm–8am

Website: bit.ly/RR4xQR

18+, men only, beds for 5, agency or self referral, dry.

Accommodation/housing advice, Food (free)

Holy Trinity Brompton (HTB) Shelter

HTB Queen’s Gate (St Augustin’s), London SW7 5LP

020 7590 8248 or 07788 466 966

Wednesday & Friday: 9am–2pm (day shelter; office hours 8am–4pm)
November to March
Wednesday: 7pm–10pm (winter shelter)
Tuesday: 9:30am–5:30pm (office hours)

Map   Website: bit.ly/2vB3qkM

Safe, non-judgmental place where all are welcome. Food, advice, friendship and practical support in a non-threatening Christian environment. Hot breakfast, coffee bar and a range of activities. Guests can receive counselling, debt and welfare advice, and alcohol and drug support through partner organisations.

Accommodation/housing advice, Advocacy, Alcohol workers, Bathroom/showers, Benefits advice, Careers advice, Counselling, Debt advice, Food, Food (free), Internet access, Mental health, Outreach worker links, Outreach workers

Joel Community Trust Night Shelter

KCAH, 36a Fife Road, Kingston, London KT1 1SU

0208 546 3212

1 January to 31 December
Monday–Sunday: 7pm–9am (night shelter)
Tuesday: 8:30am–9:30am (conflict resolution)
Tuesday: 10am–1pm (art group)
Thursday: 10am–2pm ('cook and eat' programme)

Map   Website: bit.ly/2frLLEF

Food, friendship and shelter to street homeless people all year round. Self- or agency referrals. Phone or visit Mon-Fri 10am-1pm for informal interview.

Accommodation/housing advice, Advocacy, Art classes, Barber, Bathroom/showers, Bedding, Clothing store, Dentist, Education/training, Food (free), Foot care, Internet access, Laundry, Leisure facilities, Luggage storage

Kingston Churches Winter Night Shelter

c/o Kingston Churches Action on Homelessness (KCAH), 36a Fife Road, Kingston upon Thames, London KT1 1SU

020 8255 7400

Monday–Friday: 10am–1pm (phone or visit KHAC)
1 December to 28 February
Monday–Sunday: 8:15pm–8am

Website: bit.ly/13fVo

Various churches: 18+, mixed, beds for 12 (separate area for women), agency or self-referral, and dry.

Accommodation/housing advice, Advocacy, Food (free)

Merton Winter Night Shelter

YMCA LSW Wimbledon, 200 The Broadway, London SW19 1RY

020 8544 6697

5 December to 19 March
Monday–Sunday: 6:30pm–8:30am

Map   Website: bit.ly/2fDY9Nl

Self- and agency referrals, most from Faith in Action Homeless Project Salvation Army Hall, 109 Kingston Rd, SW19 1LT, Mon–Fri 10–2). 18+, dry, mixed, 15 spaces.

Food, Food (free)

NEWway Project (Newham)



1 November to 31 March
Monday–Sunday: 7:30pm–8:30am

Map   Website: bit.ly/1Q189wD

Accept referrals from TRIO, RAMP, Bridges Breakfast, Children's Soc, Whitechapel Mission and Crisis. 18+; dry; mixed; 15 spaces.

Accommodation/housing advice, Advocacy, Alcohol workers, Debt advice, Drugs workers, Food (free), Laundry, Tenancy support

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