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Nov/Dec 2017
The winter shelters are open. Find out more about them and what to expect
Aug/Sep 2016
There's a complicated relationship between begging and homelessness. And the solutions are not about sweeping people off the streets
May/Jun 2016
1,252,000 peoplecan’t afford the basic essentials they need to eat, keep clean, and stay warm and dry
Jul/Aug 2015
Young people need services designed specially for them. But too often that's not an option...
Jul/Aug 2015
Family breakdown is the most common reason for young people becoming homeless
Jul/Aug 2015
Who would think that boxing could help homeless people turn their lives around?


Sep/Oct 2017
Why do so many people end up homeless after leaving prison?
Sep/Oct 2017
The British sculptor who created the iconic Angel of the North has curated a major exhibition of the work of prison artists
Sep/Oct 2017
Murder and suicide in prisons are at a 25-year high, and assaults 27 per cent up
July/Aug 2017
Oxford City Council has agreed to consider opening public buildings to homeless people
July/Aug 2017
There are fears that fentanyl is endangering lives in the UK
July/Aug 2017
The Home Office is threatening to arrest and deport people sleeping on the streets of Edinburgh


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Dec 2016/Jan 2017
Doctors must stop turning away homeless people who need healthcare.


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Mar/Apr 2018



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