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Mar/April 2016
Michael and Jamie tell us their experiences of fitting back into the world of work
Jan/Feb 2016
Carinya Sharples asked some experts – those who had been or were homeless – for their top tips on making it through if you’re homeless in 2016
November/December 2015
"I'm not afraid of death, I just don't want to be there when it happens." Woody Allen is not the only one of us to avoid facing up to death.
May/June 2015
Is it enough that food is free? What about nutrition?
December 2014
As a new recovery café opens up in London, we find out why demand is so high right across the country
October 2014
John Dolan was homeless and addicted to heroin. He tells Carinya Sharples how art transformed his life


October/November 2016
Homelessness. Art. Festival. Carinya Sharples hears from one man who is making these three words work together.
September/October 2015
The Pavement launched in response to changes due to happen to London’s soup runs. So where are they now?
April 2015
Westminster buys temporary accommodation an hour's journey from the borough
February 2015
A new EU directive forces makers to reveal allergy-triggering ingredients
December 2014
London could soon become “the preserve of the super-rich”, the National Housing Federation has warned
September 2013
Leading homeless organisation urges charities to prepare for winter


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November 2007
Advice on everything from depression to healthy eating and getting a good night‘s sleep - and your rights
December 2007
The Met Office predict a wet winter, but charities gear up for harsh weather just in case
DWP work coach Amanda Cox answers some of the common questions homeless people ask...


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November/December 2017



Breast cancer – action update

News in brief, Nov-Dec 2017

One-way ticket

St Mungo calls for hostel action

Controlling the rent

Pavement projects

Getting clean

Night shelter

Surviving the streets


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