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Homeless ex-services personnel and housing

March 13th 2014

Dear Sir,

I write to you as a service user of many day centres and of your helpful magazine that gives me all the information I need.

I want to make it known to all who read that, since January this year legislation has come into force that states that ex-service men and woman are now priority on all council housing registers in England and Wales.

I have been homeless for years off and on, and this is the first time I have been realistically looking at getting a council place. One must be on a council housing register first. Once this was completed, I took my certificate of discharge down to Lambeth council, where I have a local connection. They then put me in Band B (high priority) and since I made my first bid on their website, I have already been shortlisted for a one-bedroom flat.

It seems salvation now lies with the council.

Christopher Ubsdell
Ex-Royal Irish Regiment


March 2014



Homeless ex-services personnel and housing

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