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Skills need support

April 4th 2014
Homeless charity St Mungo’s are calling on the Minister of State for Skills and Enterprise, Matthew Hancock MP, to ensure that homeless people have better access to basic skills training in literacy, numeracy.

The charity, which merges with Broadway to form St Mungo’s Broadway this month, claims that majority of homeless people are still missing out on accessing the basic skills training they need because of the way that funding is being dished out.

They claim that the UK Government is reneging on a commitment made in 2011 to prioritise access to further education and skills services for the most disadvantaged, including homeless people.

A spokeswoman for St Mungo’s said: “People who are homeless have among the lowest skills levels of any group in society. The majority of homeless people are still missing out on accessing the basic skills training they need. This needs to change.

“Training is crucial in helping people recover from homelessness.”

According to a client survey done in 2013, about a third of St Mungo’s clients do not have the necessary literacy skills to complete a form without assistance, while 14 per cent need support with numeracy.

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