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Surrey Street... again!

September 26th 2009
Two years ago, a large group of rough sleepers were moved on from Surrey Street, south of Aldwych, between The Strand and Fleet Street. Now it appears to be happening again. A reader told us that one of the many who bed down there arrived at their regular patch in Surrey Street on 20th September to find signs up warning them not to bed down under the building. Fluorescent tapes cordoned off two areas under buildings on the east side of the street, and notices were attached to these tapes. One read: "To all rough sleepers and street drinkers, this area needs to be kept clear at all times, no person(s) should remain. "The location will be visited on a regular basis by security and police patrols to ensure compliance. "Should you require homeless services please go initially to St Martins connections [sic] at 12 Adelaide Street WC2." The other only stated that the area was "private property", a "fire exit" and people should "keep off." All this was "by order of the management, with the support of Westminster City Council and Westminster Police." It doesn't say who "the management" are, but this paper thinks it knows, and has a reason for this move. A source told us that the building has been bought in the last few months, and it is the new owners who are determined to move the nocturnal residents on.

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