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Good Soup Guide: No 6 - The Students

May 23rd 2009
Most of the soup runs one comes across are church-based, or at least faith-based in their rationale, but this month's group are something different - students from Imperial College (famous for its science and as being the place Queen formed). The Imperial College Community Action Group (CAG) has been going for around 30 years. Started by students within Imperial College Union, the majority of members are students at Imperial, Known widely as The Students, the CAG soup run meet on a Sunday evening in a kitchen of one of the student halls in South Kensington, and then out to Lincoln's Inn. No student fare of pasta and baked beans here, though. A staple of cheese and ham sandwiches is always on offer, as well as biscuits and fruit. Hot beverages are on hand, particularly their rather good hot chocolate. Importantly, Sara Lethby who currently leads the group told us, "there's no soup in sight!" They do occasionally have clothes. The Students usually get to Lincoln's Inn Fields between 8.00pm and 8.15pm on Sunday, and can be seen in their student union minibus. They used to go to the Strand and Lincoln's Inn for shorter periods of time on a Tuesday and Thursday evenings, but changed after discussions with the old Salvation Army Eagle Project around 3 years ago. Now, in the absence of the Eagle Project, which used to coordinate soup run activity, The Students are attending the London Soup Run Forum organized by Unleash.

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Good Soup Guide: No 6 - The Students

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