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Game instead of soup

May 23rd 2009
No matter how fresh your meals are, they are unlikely to beat a growing number of those being offered to rough sleepers in the US. A growing trend is seeing a number of hostels and food banks around the country receive the bounty of the huntin', shootin', fishin' brigade. Nationwide campaigns such as Hunters for the Hungry and Farmers and Hunters Feeding the Hungry are donating wild venison and other game meat to local food banks and shelters, Time Magazine reported. But not everyone appreciates the movement. Questions have been raised by humane societies over the motive behind the donations, arguing it is just a case of "spending money on a recreational pursuit and donating the by-products." Groups have also voiced concerns about the lack of health checks performed on wild game. Despite this, Time claimed "donations remain constant staples at shelters and food banks. In Georgia, for example, thanks in part to the state's generous bag limit of 12 deer per year, venison steaks (not to mention venison burgers, lasagne and chilli), are not only abundant, but well liked," the magazine said.

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