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Dome alone

May 24th 2009

World is trying to find partners among US government departments and NGOs to provide sustainable transitional housing for the homeless. The organisation became a charity relatively recently, but the team behind it has 30 years' expertise in international disaster relief. They are now producing a cheap, hard-shell dome that can be leased for around $1.50 per day or bought outright for $1,545. They see their U-Dome (pictured) as part of a solution providing "shelter with dignity, and hot showers!", and access to social and medical services, and training. They are keen to work with other agencies to provide a pathway to permanent work and housing, and have used their wide international experience to draw up a model methodology for working with other bodies. It takes four people four hours to assemble the flame-retardant 200 sq ft dome, which adheres to the same international quality standards as their emergency response tents. Meanwhile, in Houston, the winners of the first stage of the 99k House competition have been announced, and the winning entry will now be built on land donated by the city. The designs submitted by architects from 19 countries had to fit on a 50ft x 100ft plot, cost - you guessed it! - under $99,000 and incorporate features such as rainwater harvesting. Like the less permanent U-Dome, the competition was a response to the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina.

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