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Primary concerns in Perth and Kinross

May 25th 2009
News that a Victorian mansion in Kinnoull was being converted to house up to eight homeless families on a temporary basis prompted concerns among parents that the project would affect the local Primary School. Council officials in Perth and Kinross addressed a wide range of concerns in a Q&A distributed to the local community, explaining that current temporary accommodation is unsuitable for families and there is a pressing legal requirement to offer an alternative to emergency bed and breakfast. The document stresses: "Accommodation will not be offered to single people nor to households with known dependency issues. It is being developed to provide stable supportive accommodation to reduce the impact of homelessness on children." A completion date is pencilled in for the spring. Children housed at the mansion won't be attending Kinnoull Primary and a taxi pick-up point will be arranged well away from the school entrance. Councillor Heather Stewart backs the initiative but critisised the "unnecessary anxiety and concern among local residents who have not been given the full facts - this should be resolved at public meetings planned for the next few weeks where officers will be on hand to reassure the community."

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